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In the temple

In the temple

From time immemorial Glastonbury, The magical Isle of Avalon, has been home to an ancient and buy diflucan online powerful Goddess known as the Lady of Avalon.


She is Nolava of the Sacred Land, Goddess of Compassion, Healing and Transformation She holds up the Canada viagra for sale mirror of change, Reflecting us back to ourselves.


She appears in the myths and legends of this place in the Sisterhood of the Nine Morgens. The most famous of whom was Morgen la Fey, the faerie half-sister to King Arthur.


She is remembered as Maiden Bridie, Goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft, who appears here in the swan-shaped landscape temple of Avalon and in the legends of St Brigid, who visited Glastonbury 1500 years ago.


She is the Great Mother Madron or Modron, Mother of the lineage of Avallach From whose dreaming womb All that is new is brought to birth.


She can be seen on misty mornings in the form of Rhiannon, the White Mare from the Seas, the Goddess as Lover who rides the Hollow Hills of Avalon.


She is the Old Woman, the Crone of Avalon stirring Her Cauldron of Transformation of Creativity, Death and Rebirth.


She is the Lady of the Lake Lady of the Holy Springs and Wells that flow from her body Nourishing the land.


She is the Land, the Waters, the Fire and buy levitra online the Airs of Avalon and the Spaciousness within and between all things. She is Goddess of my heart.


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In 2013 and 2014 Kathy is included in the Watkins Spiritual 100 List.


This is an annual listing of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living people, which highlights proactive individuals in the world, ranging from political and religious leaders to spiritual writers, filmmakers and visionary artists.


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